You're never too old to start something new...

Once upon a time a 45 year-old woman decided that she would get into shape and start a running program. This particular woman had been a professional athlete and in sports since the age of 4, but somehow during her late 30s, life got in the way. She became very busy and out of shape. This is my story.

In 2007, I joined Weight Watchers to get my eating under control. Unlike most people who overeat, I didn't eat a enough food or drink enough fluids. As a result I was dehydrated and my body was in starvation mode. By paying attention to my food and fluid intake and by walking a lot, I lost almost 30 pounds.

Even with this success, I missed being an athlete. Ever since high school, I wanted to run, but never seemed to be able to do it. In my early 20s I was able to run a 5K, but got hurt and never seemed to be able to run after my injury healed.

I decided that this time would be different and I would achieve my running goals. I found a program called the Couch to 5K, went to a running store to get properly fitted with shoes and equipment, and started the journey of rediscovering my inner-athlete.

I've not only rediscovered my inner-athlete, I'm now a runner, duathlete and triathlete. My goal is to encourage others to do the same.

This website chronicles my story of how I try to fit everything into the busy life of a wife, step-mother, daughter, sister, friend, business owner, etc, etc. It's not perfect, but I'm having a blast and I'm in the best shape I've been in since my mid-30s.

Post-45 is the new WOW!

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Happy Monday!
@vtHokies98 so how did your bicep workout go tonight? #onearmcurls
@billyjpappas - You may get your wish => I'll bike in the snow at this point! <= right @BartlettTri? Lol
@BartlettTri @billyjpappas - will we get to keep this great weather? Time to move all of our training outside until next winter! #triharder


Sprint session - bike. Really late workout. Got done at midnight. I liked this workout a lot, even though I dropped my chain - twice! ...
Strength Run Session. Since I was already warmed up from the bike, I cut the warmup. Light jog and stretched to cool down. Monster hills. ...

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